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Interface IScreenData

Extends the regular control data with additional properties for Textbox




Optional controlID

controlID: string

An id, unique to the session.

Optional disabled

disabled: boolean

Wether or not this control is disabled.

Optional etag

etag: ETag

etags are no longer used, you can always omit/ignore this

Optional kind

kind: string

The type of control.

Optional meta

meta: IMeta

The collection of Meta properties for this control.

Optional moveThrottle

moveThrottle: number

The throttle rate for input sent

Optional position

position: IGridPlacement[]

A collection of grid placements controlling where the control is positioned on screen.

Optional sendMouseDownEvent

sendMouseDownEvent: boolean

Whether the control sends the mouse down event.

Optional sendMouseUpEvent

sendMouseUpEvent: boolean

Whether the control sends the mouse up event.

Optional sendMoveEvents

sendMoveEvents: MoveEventType

How the control will handle move events

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