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Interface IButtonUpdate

Represents updatable components of a button which developers can update from game clients.




Optional accentColor

accentColor: string

Progress bar color for the button.

Optional backgroundColor

backgroundColor: string

Background color of the button.

Optional borderColor

borderColor: string

The color of the border.

Optional cooldown

cooldown: number

In milliseconds, will be converted to a unix timestamp of when this cooldown expires.

Optional cost

cost: number

Will update the spark cost of this button.

Optional disabled

disabled: boolean

When set to true this will disable the control. When set to false this will enable the control.

Optional focusColor

focusColor: string

Hover & Focus border color of the button.

Optional keyCode

keyCode: number

Will update the keycode used by participants for keyboard control.

Optional progress

progress: number

Will update the progress bar underneath the button. 0 - 1.

Optional text

text: string

Will update the text of this button.

Optional textColor

textColor: string

The color of the text.

Optional textSize

textSize: string

The size of the text.

Optional tooltip

tooltip: string

Will update the tooltip of this button.

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